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Some Good Reasons to Be Thankful for Dental Implants

November 16, 2022

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A woman thankful for dental implants

Thanksgiving is nearly here, so you’re likely confirming your holiday plans. Maybe you’ll travel out of state to see family. On the other hand, perhaps you’ll spend Turkey Day watching sports with friends. Whatever you do, though, make sure to be thankful for good oral care this season. In particular, try to honor dental implants if you have them. These prosthetics can make a positive impact on patients! As proof, your Bellevue dentist is here with the scoop. Read on to learn four good reasons to be thankful for dental implants on Thanksgiving.

Implants Restore Your Smile

First and foremost, dental implants restore your smile. Their features allow them to look and act like natural teeth, ensuring they make your mouth feel good as new.

Consider their porcelain surfaces, for instance. This aspect lets implants blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth, making the replacements very lifelike.

Meanwhile, the prosthetics’ titanium ensures their effectiveness. Being made of metal, they allow implants to fuse with your jaw and stay secure and stable.

Implants Help You Look Younger

Implants don’t just improve your smile’s looks, either; they also make your face seem younger.

You see, tooth loss doesn’t just create gaps between teeth. Over time, it causes your jawbone to erode from lack of stimulation. Unchecked, this process could easily lead to facial collapse — a condition where your face appears saggy and hollow.

However, implants can stem your jaw’s loss of bone tissue. They fill the once-empty sockets left by missing teeth, thus stimulating and maintaining your jawbone.

Implants Boost Your Oral Health

Implants are normally considered a cosmetic service. Even so, it turns out they can also improve a patient’s oral health.

First of all, implants prevent further tooth loss. By filling the gaps that otherwise make teeth shift and fall out, they reduce your odds of severe complications.

Implants also protect parts of your gums that would otherwise be exposed. In doing so, lower your risk of gum disease and similar infections.

Implants Let You Eat as You Please

As you’d expect, missing teeth make eating harder. After all, fewer pearly whites mean more work chewing your food.

Fortunately enough, implants solve this problem. Since their titanium posts fuse with your jaw, they let you chew more easily than other restorations. As such, you can eat a wider variety of meals with them than with dentures or bridges.

This holiday season, remember to honor the gift of good dental implants. As you do, your Thanksgiving will be all the sweeter!

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